Arskot Dental Mirror System

Arskot Dental Mirror System

ARSKOT is the newest dental mirror system with a patented design. It consists of two separate details: a disposable reflecting polymer plate and a metal carrier which is screwed on a standard handle. When the elements are combined, they implement the function of a dental mirror.

Excellent Visibility

The reflecting plate has a diameter of 22 mm. Its thickness is 0.6 mm. Thus it is exceptionally optical and enables the attainment of the highest reflection class and lack of double beam refraction.


The evacuation aperture (the aperture through which the already used plate is pushed out) has a convenient size and does not allow the plate to fall off in the course of work.

Financially Profitable

The low cost of the plate and of the handle make it an affordable investment for each dentist who values quality.

Easy Cleaning and Guaranteed Sterility

The canal in which the reflecting plate fits is easily accessible, and all debris is cleaned effortlessly. The whole mirror can be disinfected and sterilized, and in that manner all bacterial “threats” accompanying some dental procedures are eliminated. 

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What makes the ARSKOT system special?

The Materials

The materials and high technologies used in the manufacturing of the ARSKOT system guarantee the safety for both the dentist and the patient:

The best synthesized polymer to date for glasses, lenses and other items used in modern ophthalmology;
Reflective coating with aluminium purity 99.9999%;
Laying of antireflex coating which protects the eyes;
Addition of clarifiers and enhancement of supervisibility;
Removal of double beam refraction of light, which is so indispensable in the work with a microscope;
Protective filter for shearing off harmful spectre beams which harm the eye retina.

The Same Optical Environment

The disposability of ARSKOT dental mirrors always provides the same optical environment:

Sterility via gas sterilization with ethylene oxide;
Packaging in blisters containing 12 mirrors in specialized paper;
Validation and laboratory testing in an accredited microbiological laboratory;
Protection by a European accrediting authority: -TUV NORD.

The Shelf Life

The shelf life of the packaging with reflecting plates is 5 years, and the shelf life of the metal carrier is 10 years.

The Tests

The ARSKOT system has been tested for 2 years already, by more than 500 dentists in the country. The experience points out that it is secure and convenient for use, and meets all professional requirements.